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Since 1972, when we made our first guitar effects board for Yes guitarist Peter Banks, we’ve continually strived to offer the best possible product for our customers. Today we offer two different systems, each offering Pete Cornish craftsmanship and delivering the tones you’ve come to expect. Our Solid State System and our All Tube Effects System offer convenience and compatibility to other pieces of equipment. Though each system is vastly different in construction, they offer the same end product to their users: they "free the tone." 

The solid state effects board systems use our specially designed preamps, buffers, and line drivers which replicate the characteristics of tube amp inputs thus eliminating the tone and volume losses associated with multiple pedal set ups by completely isolating each pedal from it’s neighbor. This works very well as you can see from our client list. They are built to handle the rigors of the touring world, and will respond day in and day out. Housed in a solid wooden frame, where all effects are contained, the sound quality  and lack of noise are hailed by the world's most influential touring bands and have become the standard by which all other effects systems are measured. 

In 1997 we had built a 4 channel tube line driver for David Gilmour’s studio, Astoria, which is a 100 foot long boat with amps at one end and the control room at the other end. The tube line driver was made so that long cables from guitar to amp could be isolated. The tube line driver has worked very well and is built into the end support of the mixing board so that short guitar cables can be used. Subsequently we designed and built an 8 channel tube line driver for Sting to facilitate him recording in a location 350 feet from the control room with no losses or noise interference. 

We later extended this idea to effects systems by including a similar design of tube buffer amp between each effect and the next so that the effect “thinks” it is plugged directly into the amp and responds as if it were the only effect in line, as in the solid state versions. In the all tube effects systems each effect ACTUALLY IS connected to a tube whereas in the solid state version it only THINKS it is. The main input to the all tube effects system is, of course, another specially designed tube buffer amp with identical input characteristics to the vast majority of tube amps. The outputs of the all tube effects system feature the tube line driver as designed for Sting with the 350 feet line driving capability.  

The major benefits of the all tube effects system are: 

1)      The overall warm and organic sound quality

2)      With all effects OFF the guitar sounds EXACTLY the same as when you plug directly into your amp

3)      Each effect responds, when on, as if it were the only one in line and all adjustments are completely independent of adjacent effects

4)      All functions of the solid state series, including linear boost, all mute, output routing to multiple amps featuring totally hum free ground lifted signal sources have been reproduced using Class A tube circuits. 

The only disadvantages to the all tube effects systems are the added power requirements for the tubes. The extra heat generated requires cooling by forced air fans and we are fitting the lowest noise fans available (12dbA). The extra power requirements add several pounds to the overall weight. 

In 1999 we made the first all tube effects system for David Gilmour, and it can be heard on his Meltdown DVD.

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As new equipment is built we will continually update this page, so please check back often.